EuroparcWith around 400 members in 36 European countries, the EUROPARC Federation, founded in 1973, is the largest Non-Governmental Organisation representing National Parks, Regional Natural Parks and other protected areas in Europe.

EUROPARC’s initial aim was, and still is, to facilitate and encourage international cooperation in order to improve and conserve our shared natural and cultural heritage sites so that they might be preserved for future generations.

Président Europarc, Thomas HansonThomas Hanson is President of the EUROPARC Federation since september 2011, before ha was President of the Nordic Baltic section.

The President is assisted in his tasks by 10 members of the Council, also elected during the General Assembly, who represent the diversity of the EUROPARC’s members. Since September 2009, the French section has been represented on the Council by its Vice-President, Dominique Lévêque, who is also President of the Montagne de Reims Natural Regional Park of and Vice-President of the French Federation of Natural Regional Parks.

EUROPARC Federation’s activities are coordinated by the Directorate headed by Carol Ritchie with headquarters in Regensburg in Germany and an office in Brussels, whose main mission is to strengthen links with european institutions.

Today EUROPARC is recognised as an organisation made up of professionals from the world of nature protection in Europe who are committed to ensuring the future of our protected areas.