Europarc sections

Today the EUROPARC Federation has seven national and regional sections (including the French section)

Europarc - Section AIThe Atlantic Isles Section comprises 66 members representing parks and protected areas in Iceland, Ireland and the countries of the United Kingdom.

Europarc - Section NBThe Nordic-Baltic Section is a regional section combining the Nordic and Baltic countries which encompasses 42 parks and protected areas in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland.


Europarc - Section ITThe Italian Section has been represented since June 2008 by Federparchi, the Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves, and comprises 160 members: regional and national natural parks, regional and national nature reserves, and protected marine areas.


Europarc - Section ESThe Spanish Section is an organisation bringing together 24 institutions that are involved in the planning and management of protected areas in Spain: the Ministry of the Environment, regional and autonomous communities and some large conurbations.

Europarc - Section CZThe Czech Section is today composed of seven members: the four Czech national parks, the Conservation and Protection of the Countryside Agency, the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Palacky at Olomouc.

Europarc - Section DEThe German Section brings together 72 members including German national parks, nature parks, biosphere reserves and structures committed to protecting and promoting heritage sites.